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  1. Guests that wish to sit together must be member of the same family.

  2. Tickets sales are final.

‘Til Death Do Us Part: A Murder Mystery Dinner

Interactive dinner theatre. Live-action murder, intrigue, and dessert. Help figure out whodunnit before they strike again at this zany wedding.

Choose your side! Join one of our two families at this wedding:

Seattle Skylarks - An eccentric family of nature-living, karma-believing, peace & love, granola loving flower children.

Texas Merrygolds - Oil tycoons and cattle ranchers, the Merrygolds are a proud old family and practically Texas royalty.

February 9 & 16

$68 per person

Feb 9 Venue: Falling River Country Club

Feb 16 Venue: Wolf DEN, Triangle Plaza, 197 Old Courthouse Road, Appomattox VA