wolfbane's 2017 auditions are now over

Thank you to everyone who came out for us this year. We saw so much talent and CAN NOT wait for rehearsals to begin!

Wolfbane 2017 Auditions:

We will be casting our three Main Stage productions and our first Education Production in both Virginia and New York City. Please make sure that you can be available for all rehearsal and production dates.


Hannah Reynolds Story

(Rehearsals: March 27-April 6; Run April 7-9)

Hannah Reynolds (30s-60s)- enslaved woman in 1865 Charming, strong, fiery. She yearns for freedom despite a feeling of allegiance to her house.

Abram Reynolds (30s-60s)- Hannah’s husband. A realist. Like his wife, he yearns for freedom, but struggles with the reality and consequence of war. 

Amanda Abbitt Coleman (20s)- New Mother. Naïve. Blissfully unaware of the severity of the times. She loves Hannah like her own Mother.

Samuel Coleman (30s)- The home and property owner. A doctor. Stoic and sensible.

George Abbitt (20s)- Young confederate soldier. Ragged from the war and happy for a reunion with his family.

Dr. Williams (30s-40s)- Union doctor. Level headed and learned. He has compassion for human life. Not a fan of war.

Wolfbane's Romeo & Juliet

(Rehearsals: May 9-May 31; Run June 1-July 1)

Romeo (20s)-  Handsome, passionate, idealist, on the outside he is a farmer, but that just guises his philosopher inside, very physical role

Juliet (20s)- Beautiful, fierce, independent, educated, she fights upstream in a system that doesn’t allow her to have a voice

Nurse (30s)- Confident, bold, good with humor, a product of the old south fueled with Juliet’s vision of a free future. 

Mercutio (20s)- Romeo’s best friend, dynamic, funny, wise, an outsider that knows more about the inside than the insiders

Paris (20s-30s)- A gentleman, wealthy, dashing yet arrogant, the embodiment of the old south. A military leader. He dreams of his seat beside Jefferson Davis in the new Confederacy.

Benvolio (20s)- Romeo’s cousin, simple, endearing, very loyal to his family

Tybalt (20s)- Juliet’s cousin, headstrong, hot-headed, political and passionate about the rise of the Confederacy

Montague (50s-60s)- Romeo’s Father, a Virginian loyal to the Union, politically savvy, but level headed

Capulet (50s-60s)- Juliet’s Father, wealthy owner of Clover Hill Tavern, supporter of the Confederacy, he represents a political strong-house, but maintains a soft spot for the women in his family.

Lady Capulet (40s)- Juliet’s Mother, a woman of Southern nobility, she loves her daughter, but is strict to the rules of affluent society.

Friar (30s-50s)- Peace and nature loving man of reason. He is a neutral safe haven amid an incredibly divided community.

Peter (teens)- Precocious, feisty, optimistic despite his station in life. 

Millie (30s-40s)-Enslaved to Paris, demure, the institution has broken her. She is a sweetheart, despite her oppressive master. 

Ensemble Male (20s-60s)- Plays many tracks


Evil Dead: the Musical! 

(Rehearsals: July 11-July 19; Run July 20-August 5)

Ash- Cast

Annie/Shelley- Soprano, very physical role. Strong comic timing is a must. 

Linda-Soprano, typical ingenue. 

Scotty- Baritenor, foul-mouthed best friend of Ash.

Cheryl- Cast.

Ed-Baritenor, Nerdy, character role.

Jake-Tenor, Good Ol' Reliable Hillbilly, character role.

The Rocky Horror Show 

(Rehearsals: August 22-September 6; Run September 7- September 30)

Dr. Frankenfurter (20s-30s)- Baritone,  a cross-dressing mad scientist/ transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, brilliant comic timing and charismatic. Domineering. 

Brad Majors (20s)- Tenor, Baritone, wholesome, quirky, but very much in love with his fiancé, Janet. Overly optimistic at times. A product of the age of innocence. 

Janet Weiss (20s)- Mezzo-Soprano,  good girl who is madly in love with Brad. Always seems to be frightened of something. Keeps losing more of her clothes throughout the story. She has strong emotions and caves into pressure easily.

Riff Raff (20s-30s)- Tenor, creepy man resembling more of a zombie. Often makes harmless conversation seem awkward and foreboding. One of Frank’s servants. Must handle dry comedy well.

Magenta (20s-30s)- Mezzo Soprano,  a very strange servant of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, possibly has Eastern-European accent, an exotic beauty, she exudes sex, also appears as “Trixie - The Usherette” and sings “Science Fiction Double Feature.”

Columbia (20s-30s)- Mezzo Soprano, strong belt, one of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter’s groupies, strong character actor, cute and bubbly with a rough, rocker side, must be able to tap.

Rocky (20s)- Tenor, Frank’s magnificent creation. Sexually appealing with prominent muscles. He optimizes the perfect man.

Dr. Everett Scott (30s-50s)- Baritone, Eddie’s Uncle. High school tutor of Brad and Janet, in a wheelchair, strong character actor with amazing comedic timing, any physical type. German accent.

Eddie (20s-30s)-Baritone, charismatic delivery man, “went to pieces.” Misses the rock and roll of life. Comes back to life only to die after his solo.

Narrator (30s-60s)- mostly non-singing, guides us through the show in a dry, British-humor-inspired manner, a unique speaking voice is required, must have a strong presence. Must be able to react organically with the audience. 

Phantom 1 (20s-30s)- Male. Hedonist, deviant.

Phantom 2 (20s-30s)- Female. Hedonist, deviant.

Evil Dead: the Musical! 2015

Evil Dead: the Musical! 2015

Wolfbane Productions prides itself on consistently bridging the theatre worlds of New York City and Appomattox, Virginia.  Over the past eight seasons we've welcomed actors to the Pack from all over the country. We've been thrilled to work with Broadway, television, film & national-tour veterans, introducing them to Virginia's breath-taking natural beauty and to the thriving community of Wolfbane audiences: some of the most lively and passionate audiences you'll find anywhere in modern theatre. 

Wolfbane is also proud to have been the gateway, for over a dozen artists from our Virginia base, to make the transition to New York City via connections made with the Wolfbane family. 

In our 2017 season we hope to further this tradition of blending our NYC and VA homes as we continue to cast from auditions held in both states, as well as allowing for video submissions for those who are unable to attend.

The Pillowman 2015

The Pillowman 2015

“It is difficult to explain just how wonderful Wolfbane is due to the excesses of Buzzfeed and the click bait culture it has spawned. No matter how honest an assessment of its worth I may provide, readers will assume I am exaggerating. Well, reader let me assure you that I am not prone to hyperbole. Wolfbane is, quite simply, the most extraordinary company I have ever had the privilege to work for. Never before have I encountered a company of artists so dedicated to bringing theater of such high quality and such varied content to their community. The ensemble created by Wolfbane is the clear reflection of its shared purpose and vision. Every company member is dedicated to bold and thoughtful choices that will serve their partners, the production, and ultimately the audience. I have never felt more supported, more valued, and more engaged by a troupe than I have by Wolfbane. I am better for having worked with the pack.”  

- Jonathan Grunert, NYC Actor


“Wolfbane, quite simply, is impossible. It is by all practical measures and sheer statistical probability RIDICULOUS that a theatre company would arise out of the ether in this particular part of our country, and even more of a triumph that it be one doing the kind of work that Wolfbane continues to do. The state of Virginia is indebted to this collective of individuals and their ongoing commitment to everything we go to the theatre looking for: stories of heroism, ears for those deprived of a voice, breathtaking spectacle, and entertainment for all. Wolfbane and its entire pack are an inspiration.” 
- Trevor Kluckman, NYC Actor
Midsummer Night's Dream 2015

Midsummer Night's Dream 2015

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“Every Wolfbane production I've been in has challenged me and pushed me farther than I could have ever imagined, resulting in some of my proudest work on stage in my 25+ years of performing. And the opportunity to be involved in outdoor theatre with shows performed in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains is something every actor should have to chance to do. It's exhausting and grueling, especially working a full time job at the same time, but the passion for it is what drives me and keeps me coming back to this family that is the Wolf Pack. And I think I am a better actor for having been brought into the fold.” 
Libby Gatzke- VA Actor
“You guys are all amazing. It was awesome to have such a big part in a production that was so ambitious. It made me so happy to positively contribute to Dustin's one of a kind vision.
All the company members are the real deal. Not only really hardworking and talented performers but really approachable.
Midsummer was the type of experience that makes me sad to think about because I don't know if I will ever have a performance experience that unique again.” 
Tom McVey, NYC Actor-AEA