Interested in Interning or Volunteering with Wolfbane?

Wolfbane Productions is dedicated to presenting a wide range of plays and musicals of the highest quality, including professional premieres, regional premieres, and classics that are entertaing, challenging, and inspiring. Under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Dustin Williams, Wolfbane Productions is deeply committed to nurturing the talents of Central Virginia theatre artists, technicians, and administrators through employment, training, and development opportunities.


Wolfbane is looking for bright, local art lovers to help out with our special events and seasonal productions. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with a fast paced professional theatre company while giving directly back to the community.

Volunteers will be placed in such positions as set construction, costuming, landscaping, ushering, concessions, or other possibilities depending on applicants personal strengths.

Volunteers are needed to help make sure that events and productions run smoothly, continuing the fun and professional atmosphere the Wolfbane strives for. 

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Wolfbane's Internship program is an un-paid intensive internship that provides a unique opportunity to learn about producing professional theatrical productions. The program is designed to provide an environment that empowers tomorrow's theater professionals to develop in their chosen field. By incorporating our interns into the work of Wolfbane in a deep, vital and mutually beneficial way, we help to foster thriving, passionate colleagues in the theater community. To that end, interns are assigned projects and responsibilities that are vital to the day-to-day running of the company. Additionally, intern relationships with their supervisor ensure that they are not only gaining valuable skills but also receiving support and feedback. 

Wolfbane Productions offers internships in production and administration, both working directly with individual department heads and staff to receive practical training. Interns are selected by application and interview.

All Wolfbane internships share the same basic expectations. At a minimum, applicants must:

  • Possess the knowledge and skills required to work successfully in a specific department of the theater

  • Be socially mature and self-confident

  • Be able to take direction and criticism well

  • Be able to digest new information quickly and apply it productively

  • Be consistent and dependable in their work habits

  • Have good communication skills

  • Enjoy multi-tasking and creative problem solving

  • Work comfortably and effectively in a highly collaborative environment

Example Internship Job Descriptions

Box Office/ Marketing/ Concessions
Job responsibilities include assist Box Office and House Management in customer service and audience engagement. Assist Director of Development with social media, and marketing campaigns. Help with set up, operation, and tear down of concessions. Applicants should be self starters, detail oriented, and will be expected to assist company members with seasonal special events.

Lighting / Sound Technician
Job responsibilities include: for lighting -assisting designer in all production hangs, focuses, strikes, and act as board operator. For sound - assisting designer and Music Director with equipment set up, sound checks, mixing, and board operator. Applicant should have prior knowledge of equipment, be organized, and will be expected to assist company members with seasonal special events.

Costume construction
Job responsibilities include working with the designer and costume shop supervisor in the construction, alterations, and acquisition, of productions costumes, assist with fittings, and serve as stage crew during productions. Applicant should have prior knowledge of pattern reading, stitching, and will be expected to participate in seasonal special events.

Scenic artist/props
Job responsibilities include assisting the scenic designer with executing paint treatments, and decorations for productions, as well as working with production staff to fulfil props list according to production schedule. Applicant will be responsible for keeping working areas clean, and will be expected to help with the execution of decor and participation of seasonal events.  

Job responsibilities include working with scenic designer and master carpenter in the build, installation, and strike of production sets. Working backstage to assist actors, and  move scenery, etc to assure that production runs smoothly. Applicant should have a basic knowledge of construction techniques and tool uses, and will be expected to participate in productions seasonal special events. 

Assistant Stage Manager
Job responsibilities include working directly alongside the Stage Manager to ensure that all rehearsals and productions run smoothly. Applicants should be organized, punctual, and good at communicating with cast and crew. Applicant will also be expected to assist company members in seasonal special events. 

Education or Community Credit

If you are looking for an internship that would give you educational or community service credits we are happy to work with you and your school/institution's requirements. A member of Wolfbane will be assigned as your supervisor and we will complete any needed paperwork or evaluations you may need to fulfill your program needs.


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